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New Jersey Amusement Park Accident Law Attorney

N.J. Amusement Park Injury Lawyer | Amusement Park Accident Law Attorney New Jersey

We have all heard that old 'Carny' (carnival) saying, “You pays your money, and you takes your chances.” Well, today, that saying doesn't work.  Today it does not t mean you give up your right to safety in a recreational environment when you visit a local  amusement park. Amusement parks, like all other businesses, have regulations and laws governing the safe operation of amusement games and rides: When you pay for a ticket, you should not be buying yourself a ride to the hospital.

such as Million Dollar Pier, Steel Pier, Raging Waters, Ocean City Boardwalk, or other boardwalk ride attractions,

The law offices of Bennett A. Robbins, LLC, has been helping people recover damages for injuries suffered at amusement parks since our inception thirty years ago. Our attorneys and legal professionals are a premier team of personal injury experts representing people who have been injured in Amusement Park accidents, in parking lots, or in other areas of park property.

If you were injured in an amusement park accident, at a water park, or on a boardwalk ride in New Jersey, contact the personal injury accident lawyers of Bennett A. Robbins, LLC.  We believe in your right to safety

Some examples of Amusement Park Accident Injuries and Premises Liability Claims

    Ride injuries
    Amusement game injuries
    Parking lot injuries
    Food poisoning
    Slip and fall accidents
    Falling objects
    Unsafe conditions
    Improper warnings

If you or a loved one has been injured in an Amusement park accident, Contact our personal injury law firm today to set up your free initial consultation.   With  30 years of experience in New Jersey personal injury cases, Bennett A. Robbins, LLC, has the knowledge and experience to provide you with effective representation. .

Examples of New Jersey Amusement Parks: 

Bowcraft Amusement Park
Clementon Amusement Park
Fantasy Island
Funtown Amusement Pier
Gillian's Wonderland Pier
Jenkinson's Boardwalk
Keansburg Amusement Park
Land of Make Believe & Pirate's Cove
Morey's Piers
Playland's Castaway Cove
Six Flags Great Adventure
Steel Pier
Storybook Land
Wild West City
Mountain Creek Waterpark
Pirate's Cove
Raging Waters/Ocean Oasis
Runaway Rapids Waterpark
Thundering Surf Waterpark
Adventure Aquarium
Bergen County Zoological Park
Cape May County Park & Zoo
Cohanzick Zoo
Jenkinson's Aquarium
Marine Mammal Stranding Center
Popcorn Park Zoo
Space Farms Zoo & Museum or other amusement parks and boardwalk ride attractions,