Case Histories

  • Automobile Liability:

    Recovery of $1.5 million for Hoboken woman who was struck by limousine

  • Medical Malpractice:

    $300,000 recovery for a Guttenberg woman who.....

  • Workers Compensation:

    Permanent Total Disability Benefits for a Kearny resident who......

  • Social Security Disability Benefits:

    (SSD) obtained for a Jersey city woman who...

  • Premises Liability

    $650,000 recovery for a New Jersey man who.....
  • Social Security Disability Benefits

     (SSD) obtained for a Jersey city woman who sustained cervical herniation.....



  • Defense Base Act workers (workers employed by contractors in foreign countries)
  • Longshore workers, Shipyard and Harbor workers;
  • Civilian employees of United States military bases (Non-Appropriated funds claims)

If you (or a loved one) fall into one of the categories above, then you face a multitude of workplace dangers.  These can include injuries due to unsafe work conditions; or, repetitive strain injuries; illness due to prolonged exposure to hazardous materials; or, even death.  If you or a loved one has been in this situation, you  and/or your family deserve compensation.

If you, or a relative, as an injured worker is covered under the Defense Base Act, you are generally entitled to the benefits and procedures set forth in the Longshoreman & Harbor Workers Compensation Act (“LHWCA”). The LHWCA provides that the employer must pay for the medical care required for its employee’s injury, for disability compensation payments and for rehabilitation training. In the event of death caused by injury, benefits include payment for reasonable funeral expenses and compensation payments to surviving eligible dependents. 

In addition, you may have  cause for an action against a third party who is not your employer that may also result in a significant judgment or settlement.

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