Case Histories

  • Automobile Liability:

    Recovery of $1.5 million for Hoboken woman who was struck by limousine

  • Medical Malpractice:

    $300,000 recovery for a Guttenberg woman who.....

  • Workers Compensation:

    Permanent Total Disability Benefits for a Kearny resident who......

  • Social Security Disability Benefits:

    (SSD) obtained for a Jersey city woman who...

  • Premises Liability

    $650,000 recovery for a New Jersey man who.....
  • Social Security Disability Benefits

     (SSD) obtained for a Jersey city woman who sustained cervical herniation.....


New Jersey Motor Vehicle and Car Accident Attorney

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Even a relatively low-speed motor vehicle accident can involve destructive and terrifying force that has the potential to cause life-changing injury — and even death — for those caught in the collision. In a moment, everything you know can change.

At the law office of Bennett A. Robbins, LLC, we are focused on helping you begin to rebuild your life. Contact us or call our law firm at 201-714-7001 to schedule your free consultation about your car accident.  

If you have suffered serious, life-changing or disabling injuries in any kind of motor vehicle collision, or if you have tragically lost a loved one due to the negligence of another driver, it is important to speak with a trusted  car accident attorney. As you and your family deal with the emotional and physical aftermath of a serious accident, we work to make certain you have the resources and the compensation you are owed to help deal with the burden.

Protecting the Rights of Our Clients to Car Accident Compensation

In the wake of a serious car or motor vehicle accident, you may have serious questions with very few answers. With mounting medical bills, a loss of incoming wages, the long-term challenge of disability or diminished earning capacity and other worries, our job is to help build the solutions you and your family need, so you can focus on what's most important.

Our firm offers 30 years of experience and a record of significant results in verdicts and settlements in favor of our automobile injury clients. We take on cases involving:

    Car accidents
    Commercial trucking accidents
    Motorcycle accidents
    Bus accidents
    Mass transit accidents
    Passenger injuries
    Pedestrian and bicycle accidents

At Bennett A. Robbins, LLC, we focus our efforts on seriously injured people who need the help of a veteran lawyer with proven experience. We put in the time and effort our clients deserve. If you or someone you love has been seriously injured in an auto-related accident, Contact our New Jersey personal injury law firm or call us at 201-714-7001.