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Individuals who have been involved in bicycle accidents have rights. If you have been injured as a result of a bicycle accident, you may be able to obtain financial compensation to cover medical costs, lost wages stemming from an absence from work, property damage, and pain and suffering.

Because bicycles are considered vehicles, cyclists are generally entitled to all of the rights that apply to car drivers. However, cyclists face unique risks as they have little protection against the vehicles with which they share the road. A collision between a car and a bicycle can result in catastrophic injury or wrongful death to the bicyclist.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident as a result of a collision with another vehicle or because of unsafe road conditions, Bennett A. Robbins, LLC, can assist you. Our bicycle accident attorneys can help you obtain just and fair financial compensation. As a bicyclist, you have rights and road privileges. You may be able to hold the liable parties responsible if you have been injured or a loved one has suffered a wrongful death because of the negligent and reckless actions of a motor vehicle operator.

Where may a cyclist ride?

As a cyclist, you are legally entitled to ride on any road that is not a freeway. Cyclists are entitled to ride in the right lane of traffic, or they may ride toward the right hand curb or in the shoulder if there is one. A cyclist is allowed to ride in the left hand lane of traffic on a one-way road with two or more marked lanes of traffic. Bicycle riders are legally entitled to leave the right hand lane of traffic in order to pass a slower moving vehicle, turn left, or otherwise continue on an intended route.

If you have been injured in a bicycle accident, contact the New Jersey Firm of Bennett A. Robbins today to schedule a free consultation. Our experienced bicycle accident attorneys have the experience and drive necessary to help you achieve a satisfactory resolution to your case. Additionally, we have a significant number of experienced riders on our staff who understand the issues involving bicycle safety and accidents.


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