Worker’s Compensation

If you have you been injured on the job; or, have developed a health condition; or, become diseased over time because of the type of work you do, then you may be covered for the cost of treatment, for your lost wages and for any permanent damage, according to New Jersey Workers’ Compensation Law. All claims for work-related accidents, diseases and conditions are covered by Workers’ Compensation. All employers must carry Workers’ Compensation Insurance for every employee!

The New Jersey Workers’ Compensation law is an extremely complex set of legal rules and regulations that can confuse and even hurt the inexperienced.  At Bennett A. Robbins, LLC, we guide our clients through every legal process.   Our clients are educated about the system, and aboujt the length of time it takes to follow through.  There are certain risks as well as benefits in a Workers’ compensation case and we are there to help you through each and every one.

In addition to your New Jersey Workers’ Compensation claim, There may be a possibility that your problem also involves Long-Term Disability, Social Security Disability, Personal Injury, or Medical Malpractice, depending on the circumstances. At Bennett A. Robbins, LLC, we represent you for all injury-related legal services in New Jersey.

Bennett A. Robbins, LLC, provides clear guidance based on of years experience. We know how to fight for your family, in court and and out of the courtroom!  Contact us to handle your Workers’ Compensation case..

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